MInimising the risks of Covid-19 in the workplace

MInimising the risks of Covid-19 in the workplace

Every week there are instances in the news of continued outbreaks of Covid-19 in businesses across the country. Companies and industries where staff have to unavoidably work in close proximity are particularly susceptible to these outbreaks; industries such as food processors and construction. The impact of these can be severe as infection quickly spreads.

Covid-19 absenteeism in the workplace is having a detrimental effect on businesses throughout the country, costing millions of pounds in lost revenues and additional staffing costs. If an individual suspects that they might have Covid-19 or have come into contact with someone who has tested positive, it leads to them having to self-isolate for 10 days. Employers can mitigate against this situation by proactively testing employees.

ADP Diagnostics can supply a rapid antigen test (lateral flow) for Covid-19 which can be administered quickly and effectively in a non-laboratory setting, giving employers the ability to test staff immediately, on site. An immediate negative result would enable the individual to remain in the workplace. Alternatively, if a positive test is returned the individual can then follow procedure and seek a test at a government testing centre.

This nasal swab rapid antigen test has a greater than 96.2% sensitivity and produces a result in 15 minutes. This test kit is approved for use by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority in the UK and is CE certified.

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