ADP Diagnostics Launches World’s First Whole Blood Glucose Quality Control

ADP Diagnostics Launches World’s First Whole Blood Glucose Quality Control

After months of investment, research, development and trials, ADP Diagnostics in has successfully launched its new whole blood glucose quality control, a world first. The impact of this new product is significant, in that for the first time it enables clinicians and point of care specialists to use a quality control material for POC glucose testing, that is as close as possible to a patient sample. 

The whole blood glucose quality control is supplied as a 2-level control x 3 vials of each level, vials are 2ml. The control is compatible with all major manufacturers’ Glucometers and instrument specific values are available. Once opened, the vials are stable for 4 months. Vials should be stored at 2-8C.

The new whole blood glucose control is of interest to any laboratory that implements a policy of continuous improvement in clinical excellence. Using this control also enables the laboratory to comply with ISO15189 guidelines which stipulate:

“The laboratory shall use quality control materials that react to the examining system in a manner as close as possible to patient samples. Quality control materials shall be periodically examined with a frequency that is based on the stability of the procedure and the risk of harm to the patient from an erroneous result.”

(Reference: ISO 15189:2012(E): Quality control materials)

ADP Diagnostics has built a strong reputation for innovation and clinical excellence, having already launched a number of world first quality control products including a single vial Serum Indices Quality Control, and a Xanthochromia Quality Control. The company’s products are being used throughout Ireland, UK, and several other international markets. ADP Diagnostics has become a key supplier of niche quality control sera to a number of National Quality Assessment Schemes worldwide. The control is currently being used by Labquality Finland, one of Europe’s major EQA scheme organisers.

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*The whole blood glucose quality control has been developed in association with Dr L. McGrath of Torax Biosciences.